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My Review Of Mielle Organics Honey And Ginger Styling Gel

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If you are natural like me with curls, then you know we are always on the hunt to find the best product with the best price for our hair.  That can be a challenge from time to time, resulting in creating your own haircare products lol.

I often wonder why some products are so much higher than others, and it can be a little disturbing right?  I was on the hunt to try something out new, not that my Aloe Vera wasn’t working- but I just wanted to try out something else.

I just wanted to make sure that I was not missing the boat on anything new.  I keep seeing this brand everywhere on Instagram- which is my biggest spot other than here on the blog.  So here is the tea honey.

Today, I took the time to try out Mielle Organics Honey and Ginger Styling Gel.


Story Behind The Brand

This naturally inspired formula contains more than 70% certified organic ingredients- like honey, ginger and babassu to nourish and hydrate hair while delivering a manageable hold.

Mielle was created by Monique Rodriques, a registered nurse, wife and mother of two girls.  She wanted to share her healthy hair journey using products with organic ingredients to achieve amazing results.

I think she really understood the importance of knowing what is in the hair products that we put in our hair- which is the reason for creating an organic brand.

The goal of this brand is to deliver to you natural and effective products.


What I Thought

What I loved

I have to say that I love the way my hair felt.  It was soft, conditioned, and the coils were set so nice!  My hair does feel healthier than it feels with just Aloe vera gel, but when I add leave in conditioner to the process it feels just as good!  Mielle Honey and Ginger styling gel is just thicker.  I love the smell of this product, it is refreshing, and my hair felt so clean.

What I hated

The price!  Why do natural, textured hair care products have to be so expensive?  It cost me $14.00 for a product that I am going to use three times if I am lucky and lean on the product.  If I purchase another brand for “curly” hair, like a styling gel it may cost me 5.00 or just a little more.  I have to admit that I do struggle with this, not that I can not afford it, but because I feel a little ripped off.

In order for me to continue to use this product I would have to buy it weekly.  It does claim to work for 2nd and 3rd day curl enhancement but let me give you the tea on this.  I would not wear my hair like it looks today.  It does not look wearable in my eyes, I like a fresh set organized curl pattern.

The curls do not look fresh anymore- if you have natural hair let me know what works for you.  I did wrap my hair up at night to see how it would look the next day- but no I could not wear this.  I need to do my hair again today- so I will start with a cold wash and re-twist my hair for a nice set.

My hair actually shrinked a bit with this product as well, so the shrinkage is real!  I have used a few other products where I could see my length a little better.

Would I Recommend?

I am on the fence because of the price, and the fact that I have to use this everyday.  I do love how it makes my hair feel, the shine, and the texture was amazing.  If you can fit it in your budget it will probably work well for you.

I must also mention that if you have longer textured hair, your results may be different from mine.  It could be that the product will be a different result on longer textured hair.  I have found from doing natural hair over the years that sometimes this can be the case.

How To Use-Tutorial

I used this product on freshly cleaned hair- apply a liberal amount of the product to damp hair covering from root to tip.

For this look I did a two strand twist out to create the coily look.

I also sat under a hooded dryer until my hair was dry.

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