Pamper Yourself At Home-DIY Spa Day

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Hi beauties, I had a wonderful day at home today.  Today, I spent time loving myself with some precious “me time.”  I have to say that I had a blast all by myself, as I feel refreshed, rejuvinated, and renewed.

We all need this from time to time, with a busy working life, kids, and all of the added stress we need some self love.  Because of how good I feel today, I may begin to do this ritual once a week.

You may be wondering well, how do I pamper myself at home?  Can it really be better than a spa? You may not have the overall experience at home that can be gained from the spa like the massage package.  In the end, you can destress at home without the extra cost.

I feel like I am glowing!


I am glowing!  Ok, so this is what I did.

Start With A Good Hair Conditioning Treatment

I actually tried out Garnier Fructis Smoothing treat 1 minute mask with avacado extract.  It is great for smoothness and taming the frizz, as the frizz is real with natural hair lol.  This product cost around $6.50 at your local Walmart.  I was pleased with the results, it left my hair feeling managable, soft, and frizz free.


After applying the treatment to my hair, I combed it through to really get in my hair.  With course natural hair, other than going under the dryer, it is good to comb the conditioner through the hair to the ends.

Remember to use a wide tooth comb, or the hair will shed out.  It’s just safer for the hair.


After rinsing the conditioning treatment out of my hair, I wrapped my hair with a Microfiber towel which was really nice actually.  It kind of gave the that spa experience.

After wrapping my hair with the Microfiber towel, I need to do something about my dry lips.

Apply A Good Collagen Lip Patch

I have been wanting to try the collagen lip patch for some time now.  It is said that it plumps and moisturizes the lips.


Now, I must tell you the truth lol.  It did moisturize my lips, but there was no plumping at all.  The hydrogel collagen lip patch has exclusive berry complex with the blend of 5 super berries rich in antioxidants and nutrients.  I found that it does restore the skin and lip health, it includes strawberry, blueberry, bearberry, cranberry, and blackberry extracts.

How to use?  Apply to clean lips, and leave on for 10-15 minutes and then remove.  Pat remaining essence with fingertips to improve absorption.

Mask Up With Gold Mask

Yes girl, this is the life.  This mask will give you life and get your life back lol!  I mean I really was impressed wit how my skin felt during and after the process.


I used SooAE New York Revive Gold Peel Off Mask, and all of these products can be found at your local Walmart.

This mask removes dead skin cell, and revives dull skin.  I loved my results.  I applied the liquid gold mask onto my skin, and then I let it dry while I twisted my hair.  It took me about 35 minutes or so to twist my hair because I wanted the curls tight.

Then I peeled of the mask, and my skin felt amazing.  Caution, only apply to hairless area lol.  It will remove any facial hair! For me this is perfect, because a hairless face allows for flawless makeup applications.  The smoother the better.

Moisturize The Skin

I used the Masqueology 24 Karat Gold Serum.  This serum is an anti-aging formulation to give moisture and elasticity to the skin while restore the skins youthful complexion.  It will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.  Key Ingredient 24K Gold!


Let me know if you would love to see more post like this by liking my post.  I am big on self love, and skincare.  As a person who lives with Cystic Acne, I always have to practice taking extra steps to have healthy skin.  And although my skin is not perfect, I have come a long way.

Thank you for stopping in today, leave you comments below as I love to hear from you.  Have you tried the Gold Mask?  What were your results?

I will see you all on the next blog post.


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