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My Favorite Go To Look- Beautiful Neutral Nude Colors

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Hey beauties, we all have a go to look that seems to be our signature look.  Well, today I was in the mood to share my everday signature look with you.  Do you have a look that you always reach for and that just seems so easily for you to pull together?

For me this is it honey, the neutral palette with nude lips, and a beautiful highlight always sets it off. It is also the easiest for me to create, probably because I wear it often.  This look goes with any outfit on any day, and can be worn on any occasion.

It’s soft, heavily highlighted like I love with a soft glam look.  Good enough for red carpet looks, date night looks, and even your favorite casual dress down look.

This soft pretty look is nice enough to captivate the one you want to captivate, and turn all the heads in the room lol.  We all love attention from time to time right.  There is nothing like being the prettiest lady in the room, or at least feeling like it.

Here is the look.


Here are the products that I used.


  1. Kristofer Buckler Triplicity 3 in 1 Foundation Stick
  2. Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer
  3. LA Girl Pro Conceal Shade Cool Tan, Beautiful Bronze
  4. Kristofer Buckler Brunette Brow Enhancer
  5. Almay Liquid Liner
  6. Loreal Paris Hydra Perfecte
  7. Found Baked Illuminating Blush
  8. Too Faced Love Light Blinded By The Light
  9. Julep It’s Balm Almond Nude Creme
  10. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Palette


  1.  Apply your foundation.  This foundation does not require any primer because it is one of the components of the foundation.
  2. Apply your concealer, here I used Nars then I blended it.  Next I used LA girls tan shade under eye, and the darker shade to contour the face.
  3. Blend, and blend well lol.
  4. Next, I applied the eyeshadow.  The colors that I used for this look are:  bae, moondust,suede, blessed, dubai, and black truffle.  ( Leave a comment if  you need a step by step tutorial and I will create a post just for you of this eye look).
  5. Apply your blush.
  6. Apply setting powder, and leave on for 5 minutes.
  7. As the setting powder is doing it’s thing, apply line your lash with liquid liner, and apply mascara.
  8. Lightly sweep off setting powder, and apply your eyelashes.  I am still using lilly lashes, as they are really my new go to lashes.  These ELA lashes.
  9. Blush on your highlighter.
  10. Apply nude lip color.

One last look for you.


Let me know if you like this look by liking this post, and commenting as it really means everything to me to hear from you.  If you decide to order the look, let me know how you love everything.

Disclaimer:  If you decide to order from any of the links, I will receive a small percentage of the order.  Thank you for supporting Brownsugarglam, which allows me to do what I do everyday.

I look forward to seeing you all on the next blog post.


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