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Garnier Fruitiz One Minute Strengthening Treatment Review

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Hey dolls, I love sharing the tea on products that I find, so go get your cup ready because I have some tea for you today.  I have always been really big on conditioning treatments, but normally for a product to work on my hair I have to go under the dryer for thirty minutes or so.

Today, I will review the known brand Garnier Fruitiz product One Minute Strengthening Treatment Banana Extract.  I discuss all the details of the product, how much it cost, and who should use the product.

My hair has been going through some changes lately, so I decided that I should give one of these treatments a try.  I was in Walmart buying some face mask, and decided to pick up two different kinds of Strengthening Mask by Garnier.  So far, I have only used the Banana Strengthening Treatment.


How Did I Use This

I wanted you guys to know that I did not shampoo my hair first, but I actually used this product a co-wash.  If you do not follow- what I mean is I just added conditioner to my hair after rinsing and then I rinsed out the conditioner.

Although the directions clearly states one minute, I did leave it on my hair while I was showering.  As a result the strengthener was on longer than one minute.  I rinsed the treatment out at the end of my shower.

In this picture I am sharing the product before using it.


After co-wash, I could see the difference in my hair.


What Did I Like

  1. It really is a 1 minute mask that leaves the hair feeling soft and smooth.  The Banana Extract helps helps to achieve strong hair too.
  2. 98% naturally derived ingredients.
  3. Strengthening Treatment 1 Minute Hair Mask that really penetrates the hair shaft quickly. It really is amazing how quickly this product works.  As I applied it, I could feel my hair getting softer.  I knew it would work well.
  4. Quickly repairs damaged hair.
  5. My hair was easy to comb through it detangles well.
  6. The package quality is top notch.
  7.  It is cost effective, and can produce the same results as a salon treatment.
  8. This product left my hair full of body, and I am impressed.

What I Did Not Like

I actually loved everything about this product, and was very pleased with the results.

Who Is This Product For

All hair types, anyone in need of a good conditioning mask treatment.

How Much Does It Cost

Regular cost $3.49 but it is on sale today for $2.99 at Target.  The product can also be purchased at Walmart- that is where I purchased mine.

Final Thoughts

I always use professional products for my hair since I am a Licensed Cosmetologist.  Today, I did something a little different by using a product that I found in Walmart with you in mind.

I know that you guys are not able to purchase many of the products that I use, so I decided to try out products that you all will be able to try as well!  In the end, I found a product that works just a good as a high end salon treatment- without the overhead cost that some will have to pay.

Have you ever used this brand?  What about this product- and what were your results?  Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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