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Daily Makeup Look 1.17.18- Featuring Julep With Quick Tutorial

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Hey babes, I am feeling this makeup look and girl I had to share this with you.  Ok, so have you ever used a blush or highlighter for your lipstick?  Well you know I have been talking about Julep all week, and I have shared thier creme-to-powder highlighter and blushes with you.

So, today I became a little creative when I was doing my makeup.  I am so obsessed with highlighter that while I was highlighting my cheeks, I added the highlighter to my lips.  The look is so soft and chic.  I mean, I am in love with this face.

You know that I love a simple, chic, pretty, soft, and glowy face.  In this post, I am sharing the simple look that I created featuring Julep, and in addition I am sharing a quick tutorial.

Here is my daily makeup look for today wearing the contents in my makeup bag this week lol! IMG_3649_Facetune_17-01-2018-15-48-53

  • I always start with a good primer, and for this look I used Julep Blank Canvas Illuminating Treatment Primer.
  • Apply a pea size amount over clean skin with fingers.  Wait a few seconds before applying makeup.



  • Dab on your favorite foundation, for this look I used Julep Cushion Complexion Stick foundation in shade clove which is my exact match.
  • Contour with a shade lighter and a shade darker than your base foundation shade.  For contouring I use beige, and mousse shades in Julep Cushion Complexion Stick foundation.
  • Time to apply your eyeshadow, you may use your favorite neutral palette for this look.  For this look I used Julep Sweep Eyeshadow Palette Neutrals.

Here it is pictured.



  • Next add your liner the lash line with your favorite liquid liner.
  • Line your lower lashes with eyeliner.  For this look, I used Julep When Pencil Met Gel one of my favorite long-lasting eyeliners. The shade is Smoky Plum.
  • Add mascara to top and lower lash- here I used Julep Length Matters buildable lengthening mascara.

Now it’s time to share the hero of the post, the Creme to Powder Blush Sticks used here.



  • Add a flush of color with Golden Guava by drawing three dots going up your cheek bone. Blend with fingers.
  • Apply Sheer Glow highlight.  Draw a “C” shape from your brow bone to your upper cheek bone, and lightly blend.
  • Apply Golden Guava to your lips.
  • Dab Sheer Glow Highlight to the tip of your nose, and the cupids bow.

Where Can You Buy

If you would like to try Julep products, you may purchase them here.  Right now Julep is having a 75% off sale for the end of season.

Please note this post does contain affiliate links.  If you decide to make a purchase, I will receive a small percentage.

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