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Too Faced Brow Palette Review

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Hey dolls, I am giving you all the tea on Too Faced Brow Envy shaping kit .  I was running a little low on my pencil, and yes I still use a pencil from time to time lol.  I just figured since I was loving everything else from this brand, that I would give it a try.  I have to say that I have mixed feelings.  Here is the palette so you can see.





Too Faced Brow Envy Eyebrow Kit


  • Customized Color: Brunettes and blondes can mix shades for a customized brow color
  • Includes petite, professional tweezers with slanted tip to grab the finest brow hair
  • 3 unique stencils to create your own personalized brow shape (not pictured)
  • Angled brush and brow comb for flawless application (not pictured)
  • Conditioning Wax tames and holds brows in place

What I loved

I loved the natural look that I was able to create with the kit.  The color for me was the perfect match, and I love how I could customize the color by mixing the two.  The wax sets the brow nicely giving the brow a natural look.

What I hated

It does move, the brow powder does not stay in place once it applied.  It almost appears to disappear a bit.  I noticed as I did my video on yesterday that some of my brow was not there.  A big no-no, right?

The highlighter is not the best for women with melanin.  The highlighter appears to be better if the skin is fair.  The highlighter does clean up the brows nicely, but it does leave a flash behind that has to be concealed again.

If I was going for a no makeup look and I used this palette, I would probably be in a bit of trouble.  It is tough to blend when it does not match.

The stencils for me were too small to use since I like a larger brow.

Here is a picture of the brows as I applied the pigment, and the final look.





Would I recommend

I am still on the fence to be honest.  I feel it is better than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brows that I was wearing before.  So for that reason, I will continue to use until I can find something better.  The cost for this kit $39 and can found online at Twofaced.

What are your thoughts, have you tried this kit?  Do you use gel, pencil, or powder on your brows?

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