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Quick Read: How To Contour Your Face Under Your Makeup

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How many of you love the look of a contoured face?  I am so infatuated with contouring, it’s the easiest way to hide imperfections really carving out that face.  It really is amazing what a little contouring can do for a face.  The before and after can be remarkable.  This post will be a quick read, with quick tips on how to contour your face.   Quick reads generally take about two minutes to read.

At first glance, it’s a wonder how the finished look comes out this way.  Initially, the look to me appears a little horrendous, but in actuality this is way achieves the best results.

Here is the look:

Here are the steps:

  1.  Map your face. With the darker of the contour trace the temples of your face.  For the contour stick, I used PUR Cameo Contour Stick.  On the inside of the face, I used Anastasia Cream Contour Kit (light).
  2. Draw a circle around your whole face with darker color, outline your cheekbones, and line the outside of your nose.  On the inside of the face, I used Anastasia Cream Contour Kit (light).
  3. Blend it. You have the option of using a beauty blender, but I actually like to use a brush for blending.
  4. Use your favorite foundation to cover contour.  I used Julep Cushion Complexion Foundation Sticks.  Draw four lines on both sides and blend lightly with your brush.


Finish with your favorite translucent powder for that perfect matte finish, and add that bold, matte lips.

Have you tried contouring your face?  Leave your comments below, see you in the next blog post.





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