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Why You Should Try PUR Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2 Palette- Yaaass Hunny

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I am so infatuated with PUR Cosmetics though!  I know right, you probably wonder what is all this about?  PUR Cosmetics has created an amazing palette that I most definitely approve of.

Naturally, you are probably ready to learn all about the palette.  I will give you the looks the details, and I will add a video just so you can see the look in person.

Before I get into this palette, let me give you a little background on the company PURcosmetics.

About Pur Cosmetics

Why you should choose PUR cosmetics?  PUR cosmetics is safe to say the least.  You know when you think about it, you are always searching for the best food to eat, the best skin care regimen, and the best makeup.

They actually fit right in to your needs, why so though?  PÜR is an eco-friendly brand, and they are committed to using natural, responsibly sourced ingredients that are full of key antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Best of all, all of their ingredients in the makeup and skincare are great for your skin, so that you’re not only covering imperfections, but fixing them, too.

Imagine using Argan oil, Ceretin complex (corrects fine lines and wrinkles), Clariskin II (limits the appearance of age and dark spots by lightening those skin areas), Waltheria extract (great for complexion).

I know that you are an advocate of organic skin care so look at what this brand offers:

  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • All Vegan and Gluten Free

All of PUR makeup is good-for-your-skin makeup and skincare products are completely free of animal testing.

Eco-conscious users can also breathe easy knowing that PÜR is an eco-friendly brand committed to minimizing waste.

Here is the Love Your Selfie 2 Palette:


Here is a picture of the application it is a beautiful palette.  It is perfect for fall makeup looks with everything that you need from lip liner, mascara, lip liner, lipgloss, highlighter, and contour powder!  If you would like to order this palette order here.

love your selfie image blog

If you are more of a visual learner, I have uploaded my video on my FB Brownsugarglam page.

Disclaimer:  If you decided to order from the links I may receive a small percentage of your order.  Thank you for supporting Brownsugarglam.

See you on the next blog post, until next time.





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