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Back to School Makeup Looks and Glam

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Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment to share some amazing finds with you that are perfect for back to school.  I have a simple makeup look that is simple enough for a beginner who is new to all of this lol.  I am learning that as I do allot of lives on Facebook that many women do not know how to wear simple makeup.  Because of that great feedback, I have decided to keep things simple so everyone can follow along.  This look is even simple enough for a high school teen to follow, not overly complicated, and not overdone.  I even left out contouring which seems to be a big challenge for most.

This look is simple, clean, and pinky.  I love pink as it really capitalizes on femininity.  I love all of the things about being a woman, especially when it comes that glam life! So here are the steps to creating this simple look, that is not to complicated and is not too overdone.  It can be worn to work, to school, and even on a night out on the town.



  1.  Apply your favorite primer to fill in all of your pores.
  2.  Use a concealer to conceal all dark scars.
  3. Apply the perfect foundation, here I used NARS Tahoe medium to dark.
  4. Use a blush, to soften the look.  For this look, I used Laura Galler baked and bronze medium blush.  In addition, I used Lora cosmetics Prism blush to add a little more pink pigment.
  5. Add you glow, I used my favorite Anastasia glow kit to glow up!  I used that on my cheeks and forehead.
  6. And finally finish with you favorite lip, I used Colorganics scarlet fire organic lipstick..

Also wanted to share a really cool glam back to school t-shirt that I found for my little girl.  It exudes all confidence which is what I love about this dabbing unicorn.  She loved wearing it to school, she says she got all kinds of complements. The color of the unicorn is beautiful and is so creative, and I love the texture of the t-shirt. I have already washed it once, and the good thing about it is that it is made of spandex so none of the colors faded.

Don’t you just love a fun t-shirt? The dabbing unicorn t-shirt is so trendy, and she just loves wearing it. I do recommend if you are wanting to buy a trendy, cool, colorful looking shirt this is the one. I just loved seeing her in it heading off to school. It is just perfect. So many things can go unsaid, because this t-shirt says it all lol!


If you want to order the shirt, you can order yours here.



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