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BeautyBlender Review: Should you own one?

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Is the beautyblender over rated?  Should you own one?  Is it worth the price, inquisitive minds want to know.  Do you need to run out and buy one right now, or can it wait?  You may even be wondering how to use them?



What is a Beautyblender?

Beautyblender features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water when wet. This allows the sponge to be “full” so that the makeup product sits on top of the sponge rather than being absorbed, allowing you to use less product every time.

I really do notice a significant difference, when I use a brush, I always use more product.  The sponge absorbs less, so overtime less product is wasted.

How long does a Beautyblender last for?

You should replace your Beautyblender every other month. It may even last up to three months as long as it is taken care of properly, and it also depends on how much it is used.

How do you clean them?

Leave them in warm water completely covered, add liquid dishwasher leave for 30 minutes, and finally squeeze them.  Let them completely dry, once they dry they will shrink back to normal.  Clean them at least once a week, especially if you use foundation often.

How do you apply foundation with them?

  1. Wet your Beautyblender and squeeze out the excess moisture. You want the sponge to be barely damp when you’re using it.
  2. Apply your foundation to the back of your hand or a flat surface and dip the rounded end of the Beautyblender into it.
  3. Begin to apply your foundation by stippling or bouncing the Beautyblender all over your face. No need to press into the skin too hard; the Beautyblender sponge will do most of the work for you!
  4. Use your ring finger to pat concealer over dark circles. Use the pointed end of the Beautyblender to lightly blend your concealer into your foundation.
  5. Dip the rounded end of the Beautyblender into a translucent setting powder and pat into the skin to set foundation and concealer.

Where do you buy, and how much do they cost?

Purchase your Beautyblender here, and the cost varies on average 20 dollars.

Are they worth it?

I believe that they are worth every dime, so yes run out and get one lol.  The Beautyblender saves product, sets the face, and cleans pretty easy.  I love them!

Do I still use a brush, yes lol.  I will always use my foundation brushes. They are great too!  It completely depends on you, and how you feel.  Both in my opinion apply the makeup easily.  So, in the end, I am not completely done with my brushes lol, but I believe every makeup lover needs a Beautyblender in their lives.


I love to hear from you, if you have used a Beautyblender how do you like them?  Do you have a preferred brand that you love?  Leave your comments below.


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