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OMG- what a great week!  I moved to Atlanta and got a new job.  I am so excited about this move.  It is so much going on in Atlanta- I always heard that it was a great place to work- but I truly had no idea of how awesome this experience would be for me and for my family!  I wanted to get my nails done in Atl to have the overall experience, so I looked up It’s Lovely Mimi and found out where her shop was located.  To my surprise, it was not even 10 minutes from my new job.  Lovely Mimi is a star of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

I stopped in and waited maybe 10 minutes before getting my nails done.  Let me tell you that the salon experience was great.  Tasha actually did my pedicure, and she did my nails…I actually went with a soft chrome look since I wanted to try to keep it as soft as possible for my new job lol.  Trying not to be too extra.  So here is the look:

20170506_214521 (1)


We went with the “kitten” shape, never heard of it before, but I knew that I needed a new updated look.  I had been wearing coffin look for a while now, and was trying to step it up a bit lol.  So…Mimi comes into the salon with her husband, talks with a few of the nail techs, sits down on the bench and she said your hair looks so good from here.  She came over and touched my hair and said “yea, I do like it.”  So let me tell you, I was a little start struck and she is “bad and boujee” lol.  It made me feel validated, because all day I was questioning what I needed to do with my hair…if I needed to change it update it and was it ATL enough lol.


By the way….I made that wig, so felt even better.  I may actually start to make them and one day even sell them- more to come on that lol.  It took me 5 hours to sew the wig, and it is the same wig in the picture.  I ordered the hair from for a really great price…they actually giving the hair away- let me tell you if Mimi liked it, it must be good.

So it’s looking like this was the right move for my blog, because it will become so much more interesting.  Let me know what you think, and let me know if you are loving my new look, leave your comments below and remember sharing is caring.


Check out her salon:

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