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Interview Makeup Looks: Get Hired On the Spot

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So this weekend I watch two of my favorite shows, The Quad and Being Mary Jane.  They have some of the most professional looks.


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On Friday, I had an interview.  So I though about everyone and decided to share my look.  I believe that it is important to look your best especially on interview day. Put your best face forward lol.

Don’t you just want to hire Mary Jane, and Dr. Eva Fletcher I know I do.  The makeup, and the hair is on point always, always flawless. Here is the look that I wore interview day:

On interview day, wear lipstick.  I chose to wear a nude because I was going for an all natural, professional look.  Choose eye shadows and natural shades with a little bit of shimmer, and no glitter please lol not on interview day.  A little blush leaves your face with a healthy look…I did not contour today, I wanted a natural soft look.

Here are my steps that I took to achieve this look:


You know on interview day, sometimes we wake up with bags lol.  Maybe the jitters, I don’t know, either way I woke up with bags and did something about it.  I used coffee bean caffeine eye cream from 100 % Pure. It immediately depuffs those bags, brightens circles, and lessens eye wrinkles.

Black Radiance Beauty

Next step I used the purple corrector by izMe New York to conceal scars from acne. Cover blemishes and even out skin tone with foundation.  I wanted to keep a natural look, so I went with a great tinted foundation instead.  I am still wearing Pur tinted moisturizer which provides excellent coverage without the weight of foundation.

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Finally, I applied eye shadow.  I used Huda Rose Gold Edition, and chose Suede, Cocoa, and Bossy to achieve the eye.  Line your lid with your favorite liner, and lash those lids lol.  Try this look out, I will leave the products for the look below.  Continue to leave your comments, and feedback I love to hear from you!

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