My Morning Skincare Routine-Step By Step Tutorial

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I wanted to take a moment to show you my current morning skincare routine that is working well for my cystic acne skin.  I have struggled for many years with cystic acne and never have really found anything that has worked.  And although I still have some scars the acne flares have subsided, so I am pretty stoked that I have found a routine that works. I begin my mornings with a Glycolic cleanser, there are many benefits for use.

Benefits of Glycolic Cleanser:

  1. It helps in regeneration of new epidermal layer
  2. Organic in nature
  3. It is an effective exfoliate and it removes unwanted dead skin
  4. It is a great toner and it minimizes open pores kind of a two in one
  5. Gycolic Acid wash helps to fade out wrinkles, fine lines and scars which is why I really needed this mainly for the scars.
  6. It reduces acne and cysts covering the face and the nape of the neck


Who is Glycolic cleansers not good for?  They are not good for under the eye, around the nose and open lesions.  It is also not good for individuals with eczema skin disorders.  Always apply sunscreen when using the product as a precaution because it makes the skin photo sensitive.

I use a anti age-defying skin clearing serum which is great for flawless youthful skin, it has exceptional ingredients formulated to help achieve healthy skin.  I applied the drops in the picture and rub the serum in and let dry before applying the next product.  Check here for more additional benefits of vitamin c skincare.  After using Vitamin C drops, I use a Vitamin C moisturizer. For more benefits on using a Vitamin C moisturizer check here.

After applying moisturizer, I do take time to use a tinted moisturizer to conceal and neutralize my dark spots.  There are many, many advantages of using a tinted moisturizer as instead of using a heavy foundation.  It leaves your skin glowy without the weight of foundation, seemingly creating a flawless skin that’s what we all want right!

Read 8 Benefits of Tinted Moisturizers

Here I used my favorite tinted moisturizer by Pur cosmetics.  I love, love the result of my morning skincare routine.

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