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How To Makeup Natural With Baking-Step By Step Tutorial Included

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Good Morning Hunty! And I am back to give you more beautiful natural looks.  So I’m feeling inspired by the Oscars, yup I am still on it lol.  I get so excited when I see all of the makeup, and the fashion trends.  I gotta admit, there is nothing better than being able to create that look all by myself, and I want to teach you too.  So mood lol:

Feeling some type of way I am in the mood to glow, and get pretty.  Don’t you want to get pretty with me lol?  So here is what I used for my eye:

20170225_145408 (2)

This look was pretty simple, I use two colors from this palette from Pur.  This palette is called Love Your Selfie 2.  The colors used here are photogenic, and composition.

  1.  First apply composition at the brow bone and blend up.
  2. Then apply photogenic to the lid and swipe up.
  3.  Blend well and you have the eye.
  4. Take time to apply a liner it always makes a difference.  In this look, I used 100% pure black tea which is really nice.  The brush is pretty narrow which allows for less mistakes, and the color is rich. They are running a special too right now for qualifying purchases, they will send Free Anti-aging and Revitalizing Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask.
  5. Apply your Foundation, here I used a tinted moisturizer from PUR it’s perfect.
  6. I also used at setting powder from PUR to give my face a matte look.
  7. Now it’s time to bake lol, here I applied Sacha baking powder to set my face further and it does it without leaving an ashy finish.

Here is the final look:

20170228_103352 (1)

Do you like this look?  Have you tried any of the products?  Leave your comments below, and if you like share me lol.

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