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Get Your Glow Girl-All Natural

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So, did you see the Oscars last night?  Those faces were beat to the gods lol.  But here is what I really notice, the makeup although beat was soft.  The makeup was natural looking, soft, highlighted, shimmered and glowing.  Therefore girl, get your glow on, who said that lol.


This seems to be trending, just like the faces here. The blush is worn light, almost like a no makeup look.  The lips are lightly shimmered, almost looks like lip gloss.  Big hair, long hair will always be in and they are wearing this now. I found a few products that will create this look, and this look is classic more of a daytime face.  It’s a face that can be worn to work, to that interview or just everyday when you don’t want to be overdone.  And apparently, it works for the red carpet too.  Mood:

Here are the products that I used:


Why I love it:

The tinted foundation made by Purminerals is amazing.  I have finally found something that does it all in one.  If you need one product, this is it.  This tinted moisturizer feels light, like a moisturizer. It blends easy, primes, minimizes pores, corrects scars and hydrates the skin.  With this moisturizer, I felt flawless and it’s a great feeling to not have to do ten step before applying foundation.  20170225_145301

Why I love it:

For those soft sultry lips, I used the Pur Lipgloss stick.  Leaving the lips looking pouty, with a boldness that we do not normally see from lipgloss sticks the lipgloss leaves you with a completed look without the liner needed.  The color that I used in the picture is daredevil.




Why I love it:

Putting the final words in flawless this stick can work some magic.  If you are looking to contour your natural face, try out cameo contour by Purminerals it’s a favorite.  I love to contour and this adds dimension to your features with a creamy powdery finish.  Perfect for highlights and lowlights in the face this little dual sided stick does the trick.

Do you like this look, and would you try it?  Leave your comments below, and let me know how it’s worked for you.

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