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Simple Daily Pretty Face-Quick Makeup Look

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Hey girl, I am back to help you get that glam on, and to keep you smiling.


It is important to look how you feel I want you to be able to create the same look as me with minimal effort, and here I will leave you the steps how. But first mood lol:

Back to work tho…ok, so here is the look:




It is my goal to teach you how to apply your makeup to give you that natural look.  It is a great feeling when everything blends completely, and you are feeling so confident.  I am offering you some of the best beauty tips that I can to make your makeup applications at home get better.  This is how to apply your makeup real simple to get that pretty face everyday, along with a few video tutorials that you may have missed.


Cover scars first, and refer to How To Cover Acne Scars in case you missed it.

  1. Apply Lippy Lip Balm prepare lips.
  2. Apply the matte by Becca EverMatte which is really great for filling in those pores.
  3. Spray the Photofinish by Smashbox to prepare for concealer application.
  4. Use the your orange concealer for extremely dark spots, and purple for skin dullness.
  5. Use your beauty blender to blend out colors.
  6. Go in with Tarte Tape Shape to really conceal darkness in your face especially under eye.  Another option that I love Bye Bye IT cosmetics under eye primer for dark, dark circles it really wakes you up.
  7. Finally take your favorite brush set and blend it out.
  8. Go in with Urban Decay Nocturnal palette and use Fireball, and Backfire baby to create this eye.  It’s perfect.  Remember to blend it out.
  9. Add your eyeliner which I prefer Kat Von D Ink liner…it’s the best.
  10. Apply your foundation, I recommendPur Minerals Liquid Veil 4-n-1 Spray Foundation, it applies easily and wears well all day.
  11. Use your Laura Mercier translucent powder to set your face.
  12. If you need to see the steps check How To Apply Urban Decay Eyeshadow palette in case you missed it. In this video, I show you the same steps pretty much to include Laura Mercier translucent powder in case you are not sure how to use it.
  13. For Lips…I used Kylie Birthday Edition set KoKo K.

Let me know how all of these products work for you, and thanks for your continued support!  Leave your comments below.  See you soon!

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