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Weekly Hair Care Tips and Positive Motivation: BrownSugarGlam

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Hey You, how you doing?  Start off with some positive motivation in your life…just listen.

Hope all is going well for you this week, and normally we look how we feel.  I wanted to take a moment to share my weekly hair care tips with you. Because real talk, hair weather it is short or long should be healthy.  What a blessing it is to have healthy hair! I want you to continue improving your hair everyday, so in that I will share everything that I know.


Most of the time, I stay with the same hair care products, but “some of the same” is actually allot of different products.  I am wearing all natural hair, which requires more moisture, but these products also work on relaxed hair as well.  Starting with shampoo, for this look, I used Joico K-Pak shampoo and conditioner duo.

I noticed that my hair was shedding a bit from a recent demi-permanent color that I added to my hair along with continued use of heat- flat irons.  From the first use of this product, there will be a instant difference.  My hair was feeling rough, dry, and it was shedding a bit too. I noticed when I combed my hair, and when I shampooed how my hair felt.  I did two things, I used this system and I also trimmed my hair.  20170130_135241

I also used Nairobi setting lotion to roll my hair, it is one of my favorite foams.  It is lightweight, and it adds great shine without the weight, and sets do last. I do not use allot of oil, but when I do, I still use KearCare Oil Sheen and Argan Oil.   Let me know how these products work out for you.

Continue waking up feeling so blessed, in Jill Scott voice.  Oh, one last note a topic of discussion, how often should you shampoo?  You should shampoo at least once a week, it is always better for the scalp, and to remove product build up..just in case you are wondering how often you should.  And don’t forget to use the hair steamer, another great secret to hair growth and healthy hair.

See you tomorrow!  Continue to be the best you can create, be blessed, and may your hair and makeup be flawless.  Mua.


I have always been in love with all things beauty. From a little girl I would say that one day I would be a Cosmetologist. I did it, I became a Licensed Cosmetologist in 2006. I have learned so much about how to wear makeup, how to style the hair, and how to maintain the overall health of hair that I decided to create a blog. Being beautiful creates confidence, and flawless hair and makeup can help us all create that image we want to be. I want to help you step out of the box, try new makeup looks, and new hair ideas, new skincare regimens to make life better. You can live colorful, cosmetic, and be creative everyday give them some maxwell house coffee mmm, mmm good, and leave the tea home lol. Enjoy!