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17 years later….Getting ready for date night with him 💄💋💋💋💋💄. Getting the mood right lol.  So listen to this real quick.  Then I will tell you about the palette….Stay tuned.

So, here we are.  Gotta get right for the Anniversary, and all these years later I still love you more now than I could of ever before..I know, I am so mushy lol.  So, now it’s time to get ready for the night right.  Two weeks ago, one of my best friends came from Germany to visit, and we hit Sephora.  We hit Sephora in Birmingham, and we hit Sephora in Montgomery.  Shop, shop, and shopped some more!

You know when I go to Sephora, I always get into trouble…just don’t know how to act.  You know what it is…I am a true Makeup Geek, with no pause when it comes to Sephora.  I’m like:


I’m like, oooooh never seen makeup before lol.  So much makeup, so much time to shop right!  We came back with so much stuff!


So…so much to show you, and so much to tell you about.  But, first let me tell you all about this:


This is what I am wearing here:


I thrive for perfection, but tonight is especially special.  Try this face out, and let me know how it goes.  Make sure you blend that out!  Since I have brought Kat Von D eyeliner, I have not went back.  By the way, the palette in the picture is Urban Decay Moondust palette.  I used lightyear, and vega blended them out.  On also used HD XXpress gel liner, a quick drug store find that gave me the look!  Also added Gabriella eyeshadow to the lower lid, and it has created such a flawless eye.  I am still wearing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dipbrows, I haven’t been able to go back to my pencil!  For foundation, try out Pure Cosmetics 100% organic line, it wears well even through workouts!  I have been wearing the same lashes for a little while.  I like Arison lashes.

Thanks for visiting me again, leave your comments below.

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