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The Secret Is Out: How I Style My Hair Everyday Without Heat

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So, the secret is out.  Everyone is asking, and so I am telling.  They want to know, how do I style my hair like this everyday.  This style, has to be the easiest style that I wear on any day.  It works for cold, hot, humid days…it is just all that.  The blessing in it all, is that it did not take me all day to get my hair done at the salon.  Yep, I said that too.

If you are tired of waiting, and you have natural hair, I am here to help you.  No longer do you have to wait all day to create that look that we all want.  So, I am going to show you how I do what I do, and I will also tell you all about the products that I use to create this heat-less method of curls.


So, my hair is flat twisted down, and then rolled on the end.  Very simple as you can see from the picture.  Excuse the contouring lol, but I wanted you to get and idea on what I meant by flat twisted and rolled with gray rollers on the end.  Here is another picture just for better viewing.


As you can see, nope I am not the best braider, or the best at flat twisting.  But, they are neat enough to get the job done.  So you do not have to be a pro in that but the neater you twist, the neater your result.  And, here is my results:

20170109_112056 (1)

That is it…nothing difficult about it.  I flat twisted the sides, and I flat twisted the back the same way, rolling the ends.  Now for the products that I used, the good thing is that most items can be purchased from Sally’s beauty supply one of my favorite places.  And, they are having a twenty percent off products with purchase of fifty dollars or more, all you have to do is click on the link and use this code 888533.

Here are the products that I used to create this look:

Coconut Curling Cream

Bonus Size Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream

Protein Styling Gel

Sulfate Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo

Sulfate Free Hydrating Cream Conditioner

To recap, my hair was shampooed with Cantu Sulfate free shampoo and then conditioned, and then applied a leave in repair.  I used the protein styling gel for my edges, and used the coconut curling cream to set my hair.  The advantage of this style is that you don’t have to do anything but twist it and roll it and overnight it does all the work for you.  Take out your rollers and twist, then style.  Perfect hair everyday with minimal effort.  You are probably wondering how often do you have to do this, well, it depends on your lifestyle.  For me, I have to do it at least every other day, because once I workout it is gone lol.  Until next time.  And, by the way, if you want to know what I use to contour my face check out my last post.  Leave your comments below.  Thanks for stopping in.


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