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Very Easy: Create the Perfect Red Lip

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So, you have picked up the perfect red lip color from your beauty supply store, and now what?  It is time to be daring by stepping out of the box and do something new.  How do you get that flawless perfect lip in a easy way?



  1. Exfoliate:   Exfoliate your way to gorgeous lips.  Start by with using Vaseline by rubbing it on, and then removing with a wash cloth.  Another option is to use a sugar scrub, which is actually my favorite method.  For the sugar method, gently apply the sugar scrub directly over the lips, and rub together the lips then wiping away with a wash cloth.
  2. Lay the Foundation:  Apply the foundation lightly over your lips.  This actually sets the lipstick well, and allows the tone to stay throughout the day.
  3. Apply:  You may line your lips with liner, but here I did not.  I just applied the lipstick without a brush.  I wanted the matte look here, the matte is a great finish, and looks even better when you have full lips.
  4. Seal it:  Seal the look with a little bit of shimmer.  We can never have too much.


The texture of the skin on the lips is completely different than any other skin that is on our body.  It’s thinner, and made up of only three to five cellular layers and is very sensitive.  It is essential that we take care of them, especially if we want to keep them kissable.  Exfoliating is important, especially if we have flaky, chapped lips, which most of us do because of the constant exposure to the sun.  So, take care of the lips by exfoliating, and moisturizing.  If these steps are followed, we can never go wrong when wearing the red lip.  Thanks for stopping in, and remember to share, share, and share again.  Subscribe if you like the information here.




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