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5 Must try Glam Products 2016

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Hey, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about 5 must try glam products of 2016.  Mouths and lips are sensual and expressive, revealing your mood and casting whether we are happy, and sometimes whether we are sad.  But however we come across our lipstick needs to be right.  This year, I have fallen in love with the matte lip gloss.  There are so many out there, but they are not all the same.  Let me tell you some of my favorite matte lip gloss for the year.  Tarte’ hands down is my favorite, I am wearing it here in this picture.  It gives me the moisturizing balm, with a long-lasting stain greatly enhancing the lips.  Why not have it all right…well, I am all about that.


Smashbox matte lip gloss is also another must try.  We are always looking for a dramatic color that greatly enhances the lips making us appear more flattering, and enhancing the skin tone.  Lip gloss gives a nice shine and can make the lips look a little fuller.

Too Faced Cosmetics has a matte that I like too.  It’s in the picture below.  Two Faced matte provide hydration, sun protection, and sheen.  The formula is great for making the lips look fuller and it’s great for laying on top of other lip colors as seen all over the net.


Urban Decay produces great products overall, and I am especially impressed with Urban Decay Moondust for all of that shimmer and glitter that we need in our lives this is it.  We always want to buy the best-quality shadow that we can.  This one is a little more pricey than the average, but is well worth it because it blends really well.

So, I heard a lot of rave about Chanel from some friends of mine, and decided to try it.  I do like it for the moisturizing benefit, and light pigment that it provides.  It is for the less girl, not for the more.  Or, rather for the more natural girl  giving the soft undertone. Giving  life with a little more color than a pigmented moisturizer but better.

Fashion Alert

I had to share this with you, J. Adams sent me these boots this week and I had to share them with you.  These trendy, edgy, over the knee boots are a modern staple to complete any shoe lovers closet.  They are comfortable, but at the same time they are sexy.  A must add to your wardrobe.

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