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Special Effects Trending: Glam Eyes with Shimmer and Glitter

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Glam Eyes

This is a great look for your last minute Christmas gatherings or the New Year.  Building the perfect eye will create the dramatic effect that we all crave when heading out.  Shimmer, glitter, and highlighted cheeks are trending into the New Year.   Hello sparkles, and shimmer, metallic and glitter.  Shimmers and glitters do not have to be reserved for only holiday gatherings, this look is trending into the New Year.

I don’t know if you are a more or less lady, but this look is for more.  In this picture, I started with a base foundation, added lashes, and lots of shimmer.   If you are in a hurry, this is probably not the look for you, this face takes me twenty minutes.


But on the other hand, the hair was very simple in the picture above. I parted my hair in two sections and twisted my hair down flat on the sides.  I then pinned the back to secure the braid.

This morning I took the braids out and styled my hair and overall this style took 10 minutes. This is the perfect style for natural hair when you need to look nice but don’t have time to do the work.

Dark and Dramatic with no time

The next look is more dramatic face, but believe it or not it is much simpler than the first look.  I do believe in perfect hair everyday, but sometimes we all get in a hurry and need to still have that look of perfection right? In the event that this happens to you, find a cute cap and wear it well.  Create a dramatic face that draws more attention to your face still giving you life, and a flawless appearance without any effort.  The purpose of eye makeup whether it’s simple black mascara or dramatic contouring shadow is to make the eyes stand out.  When it’s done right, it can bring a whole look together.

Perfect eyebrows are always important, eyebrows frame your face and like your teeth they are the first thing that people see.  Beautiful groomed eyebrows can make the difference.  Taking time to arch and define the brow is so important that it can ruin a look all together.  If you are uncomfortable with arching your eyebrows, a professional can help you define that perfect shape.  Thanks for stopping in loves, and remember sharing is caring.  Subscribe if you need more info like this in your life hugs.



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