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Party Hair: Roller Set on Natural Hair

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Perfect Hair Everyday

We  all want to have perfect hair everyday right.  With the holiday nearing, we are constantly hosting and having events to go to.   Then it happens, we wonder what to do with our hair and weather it be natural or relaxed we have all been there.  I am that girl, I am always looking for the perfect hair, and perfect makeup looks for everyday.  I know that it is possible with even the busiest career, and a full family at home it can be done.

The key is simple, by keeping it simple we can have everything we desire.  In this picture this is exactly what I have done.  I started this look with sectioning my hair in four sections.  I started from the back and twisted my hair, then rolled it.  As you can see in the picture above, I used purple and orange rods.  Because I was pressed for time, I decided to use a hooded dryer.  I enjoyed wearing this set, it gave me a different more exotic look without the excessive heat.


So you may still be wonder what steps I used to get this look, I realize that there are many different products in the picture.  I began my shampoo with the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender, this is one of my favorite shampoos.  This shampoo is a great clarifying shampoo, you should always clarify your hair prior to shampooing it helps remove all of the product build up out of your hair.  Next, I went in with Cantu hair shampoo a great moisturizing shampoo, and then used Dark and Lovely Au Natural Conditioner. I also combined another conditioner with the mix, I added Creme of Nature Argon Oil leave in conditioner. I always follow-up with a leaving in conditioner because natural hair is thirsty, and can be excessively dry which causes breakage.

In addition to the products here, I used VIA Natural Ultra Care Moroccan Argon.  I love it because it leaves body and movement in the hair while adding shine.  While we are discussing moisture do not forget to use your hair steamer, it is a must hair for natural hair.  It deposits the conditioners into the hair, causing the hair to better absorb moisture which strengthens the hair. Thanks for stopping in, and if you need more information like this subscribe.  Remember sharing is caring!

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