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The Secret is out!! Hair Steamers!

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So…I did the big chop.  I went natural back in March of 2015 for a lot of reasons.  I was tired of the damage that I had done to my hair by relaxing it on my own.  It is never good to relax your own hair, no matter how experienced you are some overlapping of product is bound to happen.

I shaved my head down to one inch all over, and I loved my new hair.  I have done this on more than one occasion, actually I have gone natural two times before but was never successful of staying there.  The difference this time, was the sew-ins that I did to keep from seeing my hair, and then once it got to a reasonable length I decided to have my hair flat ironed. Sew-ins got a little expensive, I was paying over five hundred every 6 weeks for new hair, and a new look.  I also noticed that my hairline was starting to thin out, I was loosing my hair.  I didn’t feel like my hair was being taken care of.  I was only getting two shampoos after a sew in from my stylist… I knew better than that! So, I decided that it was time to take it out.

I had washed my hair several times before,  but this time I decided to go get pampered and have my hair flat ironed. I went to an all natural hair salon, where they specialize in natural hair.  The stylist talked me out of straightening my hair with a flat-iron, she said it would be best to wear it curly.  I wasn’t to happy with the result because I went there for one thing, but in the end  I learned something more valuable than I realized.

She told me that she wanted to treat my hair, and I was alright with that.  She conditioned my hair, and steamed my hair with a hair steamer.  The results were amazing, my hair was so soft.  The truth is out, steamers are great for natural hair!  My hair never felt so soft and conditioned, I knew then that I had taped into a well-kept secret.  My next wonder was what would it be like when I straightened my hair?

Well, with a basic flat iron from Sally’s called GVC . I quickly ordered my Salon Sundry Steamer. My hair has grown quickly! There are a few benefits to using a hair steamer:

-Steaming helps to replenish what may be sucked out during our every day routines.

Increases Moisture Retention by opening up the cuticle

-Promotes hair growth!!! 

So the secret is out! Let’s get started steaming soon, and let me know your results!  I am really excited about this journey with you, leave your comments below.  I am amazed, my mom has brought one, and all of my friends are buying them.




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